A bit about me

Hello everyone!!! Today i will be telling you about my year and since im going off to high school next year, my challenges i might face next year.

As you know, i am a grade 8 student in Arborg, Manitoba. I am 14 years old. My best friends are Ava and Athena. I live in the country and have a farm. My hobbies are reading and going to help out on the farm. I love going swimming and camping and basically anything to do with outiside. I also love the tv show Friends.

I faced a few challenges this year. Covid being one of them. It took some getting used to but when i did it was a new normal. i was sick and tired of being at home all the time and it got a little frustrating being with my family all the time. I also miss family gatherings and other activities. I was really looking forward for the last year of being at this school, but with covid, it kinda put a damper on all things. I also had some struggles with math and other subjects, but i think i overcame them pretty well, i think.

I am excited but also worried for next year. I am going to high school so things will be a bit different. I have no idea what will happen and what kind of challenges i will face. The work might be harder.  There is also a schedule change, which will be a little different. I have been on the same schedule for years now with only minor changes, so it will take some getting used to. I am worried that me and my friends will be split up for classes. I have no idea what will happen, which scares me the most.

This year i have learned that friends and family are the most important thing. When we were in lock down, i couldn’t see any of my friends or family, which really sucked. I really missed them and went a little stir crazy being at home all the time. When i got back to school, i definitely valued my time with my friends more then i did before. You don’t know what you have until its gone.

Well thats it thats all for me. This is my last blog of the year so byeeee i will miss youuuuu. Thank you for tuning in for this weeks blog post and all the other blog posts. if you want some more blogs to look at, click the links below.



Festival Times

You know its officially summertime when you start going to festivals. You go early in the morning and stay until its almost dark. For lunch and supper you have carnival food and eat too much mini donuts and lemonade. And, when you finally ho home, your tired, but so still sad to leave.

When you first step into the magical world of festivals, you can just smell the fun. The oily, deep-fried fast food stands, and the sweet smell of cotton candy make a wonderful mix. You can smell the sugary-sour lemonade and the mini donuts. The strong odor of the rides tops it all off. That’s when you know, your in for a lot of fun.

There are a million things to see, too. The world from way up when your on top of the highest rollercoaster. Everything looks so small and you feel so big. As you descend, you see the world as it flashes by in a blur. You see the clusters of people lined up and the brightness of the sun as it illuminates everything in its wake.

The way it makes you feel is the best. The adrenaline on the rides and the anticipation as you wait in line for them. The sun is warm as it beats down on the seats of the rides, making them burn your legs when you sit down. You feel happy, and even though your tired by the end of it you still hate to leave that fun magical land.

This amazing place called “the festival” is filled with fun. The smell of food, the sights of all the people lined up and that feeling of pure joy. It’s a place that you never want to leave. I wrote this for you festival lovers to give you a taste of one until we can all safely go again. Its not nearly as good as the real thing, but it will suffice.

Interview with Ava

Hello everyone!!! This week, i am going to be interviewing one of my best friends, Ava. i know i did this before, but the questions are going to be more stupid and funny.

Q:  what would be the worst way to die in your opinion?

A: Skinning *proceeds to show me what she meant*

Q: If animals could talk, what would be the rudest?

A: A turtle. Because…uhh… everyone thinks they are slow and they could finally show them that they are speedy.

Q: What body part do you wish you could detach?

A: my eyeball!!! Then i could be like ploop and it would pop up.

Q: What is the weirdest thing you have seen in someone’s home?

A: A big poster of them above their bed. It wasn’t even and good picture!

Q: What is the worst name you could give your child?

A: Gilbert. And for a girl, i would say  Gisabelle

Q: do you think cereal  is a soup?

A: Yes. Becuase soup is not dry…No no… Becuase you could eat it with a spoon and be like slurp slurp slurp. 

Q: Toilet paper, over or under?

A: Im going to say under.

Q: How many chickens would it take to kill an elephant?

A: hmmm…. a million and million chickens.

Q: If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family think you did?

A: umm… well my family will probably think i got busted for drugs or drinking. My friends would most likely assume that i like kidnapped someone.

Q: If all the states of the US were represented by food, what would they be?

A: i dont really know any states, but im going to say like thanksgiving dinner. you got the chicken, the potatoes and the cranberry sauce. oohh i would hate to be the perogy state though.

Ok, thats it for me. I hope this blog made you laugh a bit. If you want to see some more blogs, click the link below.



no name

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog. This weeks blog is going to be a random blog. I have lacked motivation and inspiration so i have nothing specific to talk about. I apologize in advance if i go everywhere, but thats what a random blog is.

Currently its raining out. I told you last week that we needed rain and we are getting it. Well, kind of. It is scattered showers around our area so its coming and going. Its supposed to rain for the next few days. Its good that we are getting rain but its on the long weekend which sucks because…well its the long weekend.

I have recently been playing baseball. I didnt like it before but i found out that i am decent at batting. I suck at catching and im not the greatest at pitching but i can bat. Our team keeps loosing but i dont really care. I also dont know who lost and won because i dont keep track or anything. Its fun and i like it.

Our province has opened up vaccinations for everyone under 12. I think it officially opens up in a few days but you can make appointments now. I am most definitely getting it as soon as possible.

ok thats all i have for today. thank you for tuning in and stay tuned for next weeks post. If you want some more blogs to read, click the links below.




Hello and welcome back to my blog. In this post i will be telling you some things about summer in Canada. Specifically in Manitoba. As you know, we have one of the worst weather conditions in the world, or in the winter anyways. It gets really cold in the winter and really hot in the summer. I dont know how it works, but it does somehow.

So, since it is May, normally things start to warm up and grow and get leaves and the ground thaws out so we can plant stuff. Well, it usually starts  in April. But, this year, we got snow!! In the middle of April. and the end of April. The final bit of snow in my yard just melted about 3-4  weeks ago. It took awhile to warm up and we stayed below freezing overnight for a good few weeks. It was just until this week when things actually started to warm up a lot. As of Wednesday, i have been wearing shorts. Its been a little cool in the mornings, but it warms up a lot in the day. hopefully it stays this way for the rest of the month!

Since all the snow melted a few weeks ago, we have had almost no rain. Which is bad because for the  past few years it has been really dry and there are wildfires everywhere. They are predicting another dry year. But, yesterday it rained. Not very much, but enough to kind of soak the grass. Hopefully it rains more because we need  it.

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The best feelings in the world

Hello and welcome back to my blog!!! This week i will be talking about the bet feelings in the world, whether its a big thing or a small thing. We all have those small things that we take for granted, but its only when we don’t have it anymore that we realize how much it actually meant to you.

Getting a brand new book. As you know, i love reading. And as a reader, we have a book buying and reading habit. Sometimes its a curse but others its a blessing. I love buying new books. I will literally drain my wallet buying new books. Once you start, you cant stop. Anyways, i love that brand new book feeling. You open up the box, then open the plastic on the books. then you try and figure out which book to read first. And, when you are reading it, you try not to bend the spine or the pages or spill water on it.

That first sip of Coke. I love it when you crack open a can of Coke and take that first sip. It is really carbonated and bubbly but it tastes so cool and fresh. Then as you get down to the last few drops, it kind of gets flat and not as bubbly and tastes really sweet and syrupy.

The smell of freshly cut grass. I love it but it makes my allergies flare up. I have hay fever, which is your allergic to the dust particles in the air. Its also really satisfying seeing a freshly cut lawn. It looks so…I dont know how to explain it.

Getting the right answer in a math test. I, for one am not the greastest at math, but i am not the worst. I get an average score on almost all of them. I love it when you get a perfect score on your test. It doesn’t happen that often, but when it does, the victory tastes so sweet. Especially when it is a harder subject or one that you hate. It makes you hate it less.

Singing. I will tell you right now that i am a terrible singer. I sing anyways, because it makes me happy. I love it when you are singing along with the singer and you hit all the right notes and all the right lyrics and you actually sound really good. No one is around to hear it, mind you, but it still feels really good.

Well, thats it thats all. I could go on, but i’ll save that for another time. For more blogs, click the links below.



My buds

Hello everyone!!! Today i am going to be giving you an inside look at the life of being friends with Ava and Athena. Just to let you know, we do a lot of stupid things and we feel no shame doing it, so if you dont like stupidity, please respectfully stop reading and read another blog.

So, Ill give you a quick backstory of our friendship before we start. We have been going to the same school forever so we knew each other existed. We were all friends when we were little, but me and Athena didnt get along very well but we tolerated each other enough to kill each other. Me and Ava were really good friends but we drifted apart in…grade 3 or 4. we were still friendly but we never played outside together or anything.  Athena and I became better friends in grade 5. Ava and I became better friends again in grade 7.

Ok since you have the backstory, i will tell you about our crazy friendship. We do basically everything together. They are the bestest people in the world!!! We text each other all the time and do weird crazy things. Ava is considered the mom in the group. Most of the time. I guess we all take turns being the peacekeeper. We look out for each other and make sure that no one dies. We do a lot of stupid stuff if you haven’t figured it out yet. No one has gotten hurt…or not that badly anyways! We almost never fight and the fights that we have are over stupid stuff and we usually forget about it the next day.

Honestly, i have no idea what i would do without them. They are the best friends i have ever had. I also have no one else so i actaully do not know what i would do without them.  Not that i dont have other friends, i do, but they are my main peoples in my life.

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Honor blog

I was reading some blogs and i read Jayden’s blog. For all the sports fans out there, READ HIS BLOG!! Almost all his post are about different sports teams, players and things like that. He has a cool writing technique that keeps you interested throughout the whole post while informing you on whatever he was talking about. If your interested, click the link below to see his blog.