The best feelings in the world

Hello and welcome back to my blog!!! This week i will be talking about the bet feelings in the world, whether its a big thing or a small thing. We all have those small things that we take for granted, but its only when we don’t have it anymore that we realize how much it actually meant to you.

Getting a brand new book. As you know, i love reading. And as a reader, we have a book buying and reading habit. Sometimes its a curse but others its a blessing. I love buying new books. I will literally drain my wallet buying new books. Once you start, you cant stop. Anyways, i love that brand new book feeling. You open up the box, then open the plastic on the books. then you try and figure out which book to read first. And, when you are reading it, you try not to bend the spine or the pages or spill water on it.

That first sip of Coke. I love it when you crack open a can of Coke and take that first sip. It is really carbonated and bubbly but it tastes so cool and fresh. Then as you get down to the last few drops, it kind of gets flat and not as bubbly and tastes really sweet and syrupy.

The smell of freshly cut grass. I love it but it makes my allergies flare up. I have hay fever, which is your allergic to the dust particles in the air. Its also really satisfying seeing a freshly cut lawn. It looks so…I dont know how to explain it.

Getting the right answer in a math test. I, for one am not the greastest at math, but i am not the worst. I get an average score on almost all of them. I love it when you get a perfect score on your test. It doesn’t happen that often, but when it does, the victory tastes so sweet. Especially when it is a harder subject or one that you hate. It makes you hate it less.

Singing. I will tell you right now that i am a terrible singer. I sing anyways, because it makes me happy. I love it when you are singing along with the singer and you hit all the right notes and all the right lyrics and you actually sound really good. No one is around to hear it, mind you, but it still feels really good.

Well, thats it thats all. I could go on, but i’ll save that for another time. For more blogs, click the links below.

My buds

Hello everyone!!! Today i am going to be giving you an inside look at the life of being friends with Ava and Athena. Just to let you know, we do a lot of stupid things and we feel no shame doing it, so if you dont like stupidity, please respectfully stop reading and read another blog.

So, Ill give you a quick backstory of our friendship before we start. We have been going to the same school forever so we knew each other existed. We were all friends when we were little, but me and Athena didnt get along very well but we tolerated each other enough to kill each other. Me and Ava were really good friends but we drifted apart in…grade 3 or 4. we were still friendly but we never played outside together or anything.  Athena and I became better friends in grade 5. Ava and I became better friends again in grade 7.

Ok since you have the backstory, i will tell you about our crazy friendship. We do basically everything together. They are the bestest people in the world!!! We text each other all the time and do weird crazy things. Ava is considered the mom in the group. Most of the time. I guess we all take turns being the peacekeeper. We look out for each other and make sure that no one dies. We do a lot of stupid stuff if you haven’t figured it out yet. No one has gotten hurt…or not that badly anyways! We almost never fight and the fights that we have are over stupid stuff and we usually forget about it the next day.

Honestly, i have no idea what i would do without them. They are the best friends i have ever had. I also have no one else so i actaully do not know what i would do without them.  Not that i dont have other friends, i do, but they are my main peoples in my life.

Thanks for tuning in this week. If you want some more blogs, check out the links below.

Honor blog

I was reading some blogs and i read Jayden’s blog. For all the sports fans out there, READ HIS BLOG!! Almost all his post are about different sports teams, players and things like that. He has a cool writing technique that keeps you interested throughout the whole post while informing you on whatever he was talking about. If your interested, click the link below to see his blog.

Sad books i read

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog. Today i will be blogging about sad books that i’ve read in the past year and a bit. Just an fyi, i these books will make you cry, and if you have read any of these and not cried, you are heartless! Anyways, without further to do, lets get started.


We were liars- E. Lockhart

This book was SO GOOD. I just read it a few weeks ago, but the feelings are still fresh.  Basically the whole book was sad. I cried a lot. I wont be spoiling anything by saying this, but the for the first 200ish pages, things happen that don’t really make sense, but trust me, it all gets Explained at the end. And let me warn you, you will need a box of Kleenex.

Five feet apart- Rachel Lippincott 

So this book was sad, but it was good. Probably one of the saddest books I’ve read. Again, i wont spoil anything but the last couple pages… oh my heart! I personally didn’t like the ending. It was a good ending but i wish the author wrote more to it or if she made a sequel it would be perfect. But thats just my opinion.  And let me just tell you, they deserved so much more.

The fault in our stars- John Green

This book, let me tell you, is one of the best books i have ever read. And I have read a lot of books! It is the perfect combination of everything you want in a book. throughout the whole book sad things happen but there is a good balance of happiness and good things. I highly highly recommend this book.

Before i die- Jenny Downham

This book, let me tell you, is sad. I read it last year, so Some of the details are lost, but i remember the sad parts vividly. The really sad parts don’t come until the end Though. It taught me to live life to the fullest. The ending ripped out my heart, but its a good book i swear. Also highly recommended.

Allegiant ( the third book in the Divergent series)- Veronica Roth

This whole series is really good. My personal favorite book was the first one, but the rest of them are just as good. The last one, Allegiant, is sad though. I wont tell you why but things happen and… yeah. I cried at the end, lets just leave it at that.

There are a bunch of other books that made me cry, but i will leave you with the main ones here. Also, in case your getting the wrong impression of me, i don’t just read sad books. There good and all, but i read other books as well. And i read a lot in case you haven’t figured it out. Ok that’s all for me. If you want some more blogs to read, click the links below for more!




this post remains unamed

hello and welcome back to my blog. I have no clue what to blog about, so i am just doing a random blog. I just got back from spring break and i would post about what i did, but i am a very uninteresting, sorry to disappoint. Ok, anyways without further to do, let my blog begin.

I will tell you what i did over spring break (prepare to be disappointed). I re-painted my room. I was actually supposed to do it last year, but things i will not mention ( cough cough covid ) got in the way. I picked out the colors when i was like 8 or 9. Maybe 10 i can’t remember. but thats beside the point. The point is that my room was a color that i pickled out when i was little and it was getting kinda old and immature. I painted y room grey, but at first it looked purple, but i figured out that i was the reflection of my other paint ( which was blue) on the grey. I only painted half my room a day if you were confused.

ok, half of my blog just disappeared. No clue where it went so i had to re-type everything. Its ok though. I hate it when that happens. I have no idea how it happened either.

This thought just popped up in my head, but it think we need a positive show. Like the news but instead of being all depressing and sad, it would focus on the positives on life. I hate watching the news because its always so… upsetting and frustrating. We need some positivity in this world. Especially now. Just to let you know, i am in no way an optimistic person, so for me to say that we need more positivity in this world, something is really wrong. I also think that if we focused more on the positives, people would see that its getting rewarded and would  want to do more positive things. Maybe one day i could bring it up to the tv people.

I wonder how many times i said ” Positive” in that paragraph. Anyways, i am out of ideas. Thank you for tuning in. If you want to see some more blogs click the links below for more.

A Dreamers Dream

“Hey, Spencer, could you file this for me once your done?” John asked me. John was my boss. He was a good boss at times, but the rest of the time, he was a slacker. I was his secretary. Of all the jobs I thought I’d do, I’d never think that I, Spencer Halaway, would be someone’s secretary. Its not that I hate this job, its just that I hate this job. John does nothing! Nothing! All day! He gives me all his work to “file”. If I had known that “file” meant to fill everything out, I would never have even considered applying for this job. But hey, one more day, and I Spencer Halaway, get to go on my two week, well deserved vacation to Jamaica!

Sometimes I wonder what I would have become if I hadn’t gotten this trash can of a job. I think about it a lot. I think I should have gotten my master’s in business. I didn’t even graduate with a college diploma, so that would be priority number one. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. Anyways back to the present…

It was ten minutes until closing. For some reason, this is the time where all of the action happens. People coming in to pay their taxes, get permits, or just to drop by. Those people are annoying. The ”Watchers” I call them. They drop by once a week minimum just to see what we are doing. And they always come at the same time; ten minutes before closing. “Excuse me, miss, but I was just wondering what the municipality is doing this week?” Asked a little old lady named Janice. “Janice, I have no idea. I’m the secretary. If you want to know, I can schedule an appointment with you and John, or you can come to the next community meeting, which is about two months from now,” I answered in my most polite, professional voice. It was hard to keep your patients in check, especially ten minutes before closing. “Oh, ok,” Janice answered. That was the stupidest answer ever. Luckily I’ve been here long enough to know what she means. Yes, if you are wondering, she has been coming here since before I was here, which was about a year ago. What can I say, the people in this town are persistent and nosey.

When I got home (twenty minutes late thanks to Janice), I went on a packing spree. I probably should have done it last weekend, but I was busy doing nothing. I packed up my clothes and some of my beauty products. I would still have to use my toothbrush, so I would pack that and the rest of my stuff tomorrow. I made a checklist and checked everything off that I packed. I made a reminder on my phone to check my list before I got on the plane.

By 10:00 pm, I was basically all packed except for the clothes I was wearing tomorrow and my toiletries. I was tired from packing and dealing with John plus I had a late flight tomorrow and I don’t feel like drinking tons and tons of coffee tomorrow. So I went to bed.

The next day was a rush. John was being his usual self and Tom, another Watcher, came by to “check on us”. I got to leave work early in order to get to flight on time, which I’m not complaining about.

I packed the rest of my stuff and the reminder on my phone went off. Luckily, I set that reminder or I would have forgotten my bathing suit and my sunglasses. I grabbed a few more books for the flight, locked my door, checked my purse quickly and drove to the airport.

I got there just in time. I hurried to the desk, paid, then rushed off to the plane. As soon as I was comfy, I looked at the time, and then the time in Jamaica. They were one hour ahead of central time, so it was only about 6:30 there. If everything went as planned, I would be there in about an hour.

I ended up falling asleep as soon as we took off, which kind of sucked. I wanted to see the earth from up high, but my brain had other plans. I woke up to the intercom telling us that we were lading in five minutes. I bucked up and waited for landing.

As soon as I got off the plane and finished the security checks, I headed to the hotel I was staying at for the rest of my trip. I was HUGE!  I took a few pictures for my best friend, Ali, before heading inside.

After I unpacked, I decided that since it was only 9:00 I would take a tour of the hotel. It was pretty big, so I started at the bottom. I first noticed the oil paintings on the wall. They were beautiful and looked way to expensive to just buy. There was a little restaurant and bar and a breakfast area on the other side, which made me wish I hadn’t had any dinner before I got there. The pool was on the second floor. The indoor one, to be exact. There was one outside one as well that looked pretty cool. But this pool had a huge hot tub with lots of jets which made the outside pool look pathetic. I made a mental note to go there after I was done. The rest of the floors were all rooms, nothing to special. I did, however, manage to get a free chocolate bar from the vending machine on the fourth floor, but I am not sure if I am going to eat it.

When I was back in my room, I decided against the hot tub and stared out the window while texting Ali instead. She would have come with me, but her boyfriend got into a car accident, so she decided to stay with him instead. I texted Ali goodnight, looked out the window one last time and went to sleep.

I am convinced that the people in this town are crazier then the people in my town! It is only 8:00 AM and everyone is already busy having lunch! I finished my breakfast (A blueberry muffin and orange juice which I must say was the best I’ve ever had), picked up my purse and headed out the door. Since I had nothing to drive, I got a cab and went to the first place on my agenda; the shopping mall! Yes, I know that seems like a weird place to go to first, but I want to see everything! What can I say, you have to start somewhere.

I bought a couple pairs of shoes and a purse… or three. That’s also where I met the twins, Nico and Nicoletta. They were talking my ear off when they saw my sense of style. Apparently Nico is a fashion designer and Nicoletta is his model. I finally gave in and befriended them. Little did I know that befriending the twins meant them following me around like lost puppies! I guess once I get used to it wont be that bad.

The next place my entourage and I went to was the museum. That is also the pace where we met Charletta, another tourist like me. If you really want to know, it was Nico who went up to her complimenting her skin tone and choice of clothing. It was a really bad attempt to flirt, way to painful to watch, so I had to intervene to save poor Charletta. We all went to lunch, specifically because Nicoletta and I wanted to give Nico a second chance to redeem himself. But, if you didn’t already see it coming, we met another addition to our group. Or should I say additions.

Pedro and Carl. Two waiters who Charletta took an interest in. She talked to them non-stop until they agreed to sit down with us. Char, I really enjoy your company, but girl, you have got to stop talking!

As the day continued, our clan of what was once a one-woman show became a party of six. Not that I am complaining, but man! Six people times the amount of talking plus an extra bunch because of Charletta equals a massive headache and bleeding ears. If I haven’t emphasized it enough, Charletta talks A LOT!!! Apparently she’s staying at the same hotel as me… Great. If you are thinking of a number on the annoying scale, you better multiply it by three because that is how bad she was. I m not going into detail, but lets just say that she called me on the hotel phone about sixteen times and decided to play knock-knock ginger at two in the morning!

The rest of the trip was all fun and games. We went to the beach and played beach volleyball, we went sailing and water skiing. I also went to a lot of museums and parks. I may or may not have eaten to much food; The restaurants here were AMAZING!!! And every night, I would relax in the hot tub. By the time I had to leave, we promised to keep in touch and promised to come back here once in a while to visit. I boarded to plane, but I had to look at the beautiful, fun-filled city one more-

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! “Ugh!” I rolled over to smack my alarm… Wait, what? My alarm? I thought I was on vacation? “ IT WAS JUST A DREAM!!!!”I screeched. “ AND ITS ONLY TUESDAY?!” I think I need to real vacation sometimes soon, this has happened way to many times.

Post-spring break

Hello everyone!!! Welcome back! This week i am going to be blogging about what i am going to do on spring break. As you know, next week is spring break. We are off for one week. I had plans to do stuff with m y friends, but since covid, i cant. Currently, i have no plans. I’m  just winging it right now.

Since i can’t see my friends, I won’t be going anywhere, so i will be stuck at home, which is fine. I will probably read since i got new books over the past month ( I am a big book worm if you haven’t figured it out yet).

And since i can’t read all day for a week ( I could but i need to spend time with my family) I will be doing some house cleaning and cleaning out the chicken coop and and my rabbit cage. I don’t mind doing that though. I like spending time with my chickens and rabbits.

I am also hopefully painting my room as well. I was supposed to do it last year, but covid shut everything down and then it was summer which was too hot for painting. I had to a lot of mudding and sanding because i hang a lot of pictures and stuff on my wall and i can not paint over the holes. My room is really dusty now because of it but i will clean it after i paint.

I will be watching a lot of Netflix. I have a bunch of series that  i want to finish as well as a few movies that are on my list.

Thats all i really have. I am not a very interesting person sorry to  disappoint you. Anyways thanks for tuning in. If you want more blogs to read, click on the links below for more!

Spring time is here once more

Hi everybody!!! Welcome back to this weeks edition of my blog! Currently, it is about 1 degree outside, and thats pretty good considering i live in Manitoba. Normally our spring comes between March and April , but this year was a really nice year. We didn’t have our usual cold cold cold winters, so spring came a bit earlier. I will explain, so stick around.

Lets start with the winter. It was, as i mentioned above, pretty warm. The temperature was below -20 degrees Fahrenheit all winter. there were a few colder days, but they came very rarely. Since there wasn’t very many cold days, the spring decided to come early. The end of February was really warm and the whole month of march so far has been nothing but warm weather.

Since the snow is melting, its getting all muddy and wet. When i was little, i used to love playing in the mud and breaking the ice in morning and splashing in puddles. Now, I still walk around in puddles, but not very often.

I like spring, but the dust particles in the air make me sneeze. I have allergies, in case you didn’t know. I have something called hay fever, so basically i am allergic  to dust and mildew particles. So if i was working with hay bales, i would be sneezing non-stop. I still do it, mind you, but i will be sneezing for a good 5 minutes after. Anyways, where i was going with this is that all the particles in the air are making my allergies act up, which isn’t very fun.

Well, that’s it for this weeks blog. If you want to se more amazing blogs, click the links below for more.

Books I would kill to read for the first time again

Hello and welcome back to my blog! This week, i will be listing some of the books i would kill to read again. If you haven’t already figured it out from some of my other blogs, i am a big reader. I love reading and books. I spend most of my free time curled up in a blanket with a book, so you can say i have a healthy book obsession. Anyways, without further to do, lets get started…

The Fault in our Stars By: John Green

this book is just so good! I read it in a few days. Honestly,  this book is good for anyone, no matter your preference in books. Anything by John Green is good, he is really good author.

The Divergent series By: Veronica Roth

These books are really good. The series consists of Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant. I read this series over the summer and it only took me a few days to finish one book. I couldn’t get enough of it!

The girl who was Supposed to Die By: April Henery

This book was really intense. I love mystery novels and guessing who did what just to find out something that you didn’t see coming at the end. The was one of the first mystery books that i read and i loved it. April Henery is a really good mystery author, i have several books by her and i loved all of them.


Five Feet Apart By: Rachel Lippincott

I read this book over winter break and it took me not even a day to finish. It had less then 300 pages, mind you, but still, it was really good. It is similar to The Fault in our Stars, I guess thats why i love it so much.

A Good Girls Guide to Murder By: Holly Jackson

I read this book before school started, and it was really good. This book would be good for anyone no matter your taste in books, it has everything! I think she also came out with a second book, or a sequel to it recently, but don’t quote me on that.

The Host By: Stephanie Meyer

This book. Was. So. GOOD!!! i highly recommend it! It is a little long, about 600 something pages, but it is so worth it!! There was so much going on in this book, i could not put it down!

The Hunger Games series By: Suzanne Collins

The series was really good. I read it last year and i wish i would have waited because it was so good. It is similar to the Divergent series and the Maze Runner series (from what i’ve heard anyways, i have not read the Maze Runner yet). It has everything I look for in a book. The series consists of 3 books; The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

I have so many more books I wish i could read for the first time again, but that would take me a very very long time. If you want to see more awesome blogs, click the links below. Byeee!